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Wheaton College, Chicago


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Sincere greetings to all our brothers and sisters in Jesus who has called us to belong to his kingdom through the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  At our 2017 Annual Membership Meeting in Chicago, we decided to hold the 2018 CMI International Bible Conference as stated below:

  • Date:   Wednesday, August 1, 2018 to Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • Location:   Wheaton College in Chicago, IL

In some sense, the history of God seems to repeat itself while moving towards the kingdom of God. The Christian brothers and sisters of the first century were scattered throughout Asia Minor, struggling to survive as God’s people in a foreign land. They might have settled down as immigrants and citizens of the Roman Empire. However, as time passed, they might have begun to ask themselves, “Who am I?  What am I doing?” Can we say that they may have had an identity problem? In Apostle Peter’s letter to his fellow Christians, he reminds them of their identity. According to 1 Peter verse 1:1 and 2:9, he calls them God’s elect. He reminds them of who they are: “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, and a holy nation.” They were a priestly nation called to declare the gospel of Jesus and pray for all nations.

God has called us for his glorious hope and sent us to this country. From time to time, we have struggled to remain faithful to God as missionaries and Bible teachers. Instituted as CMI NA since 2012 to evangelize the young people of our generation and participate in world mission, God has graciously preserved our community of faith. Sometimes the work of God was progressing slower than we had hoped. But our God has never stopped working in and through his people, raising young leaders for the kingdom’s work in North America. He has also opened the door of world mission in Myanmar as we prayed for his kingdom to be brought into the hearts of the suffering people.

Praises be to the Lord! Above all, God has preserved our community of faith so graciously that we may taste the joy and comfort of loving one another and the world may know that we belong to Jesus whom God sent as our Savior (John 17:21). We believe that loving one another in Christ is the most powerful message to the world.

Why do we want to hold the 2018 International Conference? First, we want to know who we are. Second, we want to hear God’s calling once again, that we are his elect, his holy nation and a priestly nation. We pray that the mighty work of the Holy Spirit renew his calling upon us as we are reminded of his eternal and glorious hope, which is given to us through his Son Jesus. As parents and first generation missionaries, we also have great prayer concerns for the young generation. This conference will be focused on the young people so that God may give them a clear vision and direction for their own lives. May God have mercy on us and answer our prayers for the young generation so that God’s divine blessings may be passed down from generation to generation.

May the grace and comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ abound in your family and ministry!   


John Shin, Director of Mission at CMINA, Daniel Shin: Chair of Board of Directors, Isaac Koh: Director of 2018 CMI Conf. Darren McIntosh: President of CMINA

816 Oakland Ave, Madison, WI 53711, (214) 755-3528, campusmi.org, October 2017

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